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A blog dedicated purely to my love of ball jointed dolls, art dolls, miniatures, animals (especially cats), photography, textile arts, the arts in general, soft sculpture and other pretty things.
Oh, and a bit of random fandom related confetti scatter too ^^
Please note: More often than not I do blog and reblog pictures and artwork that are not my own. I do my best to make certain I reference and tag these wonderful works accordingly and do so out of admiration and appreciation for the wonderful creative endeavors of others and is not in any way intended to slight or offend these wonderful people. If, however, you as the intellectual property owner of said work or works see something on this blog you would prefer I do not post here then please feel free to message me, and my apologies in advance as I am notoriously slow at getting around to both viewing and responding to messages. ♡♥♡♥♡ Jen =^-^=
Regal Dire Wolf brass on black leather by merimask
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